ORHS is in the middle of a major renovation. Here are a few pictures of the changes.

Portable class rooms that have been in place for a few years.

New section of A-building. Older than the portable class rooms.

Hallway in old section of A-building. Looks familiar.

The new Learning Center extends toward Providence Rd. from A-building.

Something we did for the school that is still in place.

The new Learning Center connects to A-building right next to the lobby.

Just in case you couldn't tell.

New hallway in the Learning Center section.

More new hallway in the Learning Center section.

Open area with natural lighting in the middle of the Learning Center.

Social Studies computer laboratory.

Typical class room.

Outside view of Wildcat Arena.

Inside view of Wildcat Arena.

Another inside view of Wildcat Arena.

Notice anything missing? No "E" or "F" buildings! New main entrance will be on Turnpike side.

Notice anything missing? No glass staircase from A to C!

Looking through the old F-building.

Looking through the old E-building.